Our Partners

  • Amut COMI
  • Amut S.P.A
  • Bauer Compressors Inc
  • CANEI Corp
  • Damla Plast Irrigation Systems
  • Graewe GmbH
  • Gunther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH
  • Harden Industries Ltd.
  • Industrial And Fluid Power Consultants
  • Koremplast srl
  • Krah AG
  • L&W Compressors + Systems Pte Ltd
  • Multitech Machinery Ltd.
  • Next GmbH
  • Riyang
  • Zerma Machinery Recycling Technology Co. Ltd



The Company

We are Technical, Marketing & Service Company catering to the needs of the Plastic Processing Industry in India and neighboring countries.

The Goal

We have a Business Ecosystem which brings with it high levels of Confidence. We have a presence across India, thus assuring our clients of our prompt and premium Service, wherever their business may be located.

The Team

We have in place a Close-Knit Team of Highly Motivated and Skilled Technical Professionals, having good product knowledge.

The Projects

Gas Assist Injection Technology • Solar • Hot Runner Systems • Injection Moulding Machines • Blow Moulding Machines • Pipe Extrusion Lines • Blown Film Lines • Sheet Extrusion Lines • Recycling Lines • Screws & Barrels • Grinders / Shredders / Pulverizers • Breathing Air Compressors • Industrial Compressors


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