Tyre Debeader

The Tyre Debeader removes the beads from radial truck tires. Operation of the unit makes it a natural for shredding operations. Removal of the bead wire prior to shredding allows for a cleaner end product and provides less wear on the moving parts of the shredder. This not only provides a smooth shredding operation, but also cuts down on expensive maintenance down time.

General Features

  • Stationary, horizontal, electrically operated
  • Manual feeding
  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel metal sheet with reinforcing structure
  • Equipped with necessary electrical-hydraulic control, necessary guards and protections for safe operation
  • The supplier shall install, test, commission and operate the machine and train the needed staff.
  • Suitable for passengers, medium and heavy trucks tyres, and adjustable tyre sizes by altering the location of knifes relative to the supporting grip wheel.