Second Hand Extrusion Lines

Next Machines offer over 400 extrusion machines and downstream machines made by GRAEWE and other manufacturers.

Tested quality from the market leader:

Ensure Tender, advice and quality check in all respects when purchasing extrusion machines. Assured that the wear parts of every machine have been renewed and the most important aggregates have been overhauled or replaced, this means tested quality from the market leader. 


Large choice and fast availability:

The extrusion machines form an important part of process cycle. An unexpected failure can have grave consequences for production. To prevent this, one of the mainstays of our range of services is fast availability. From a range of more than 400 extruders and extruder downstream equipment, select the type that is exactly tailored to your purpose at a reasonable second-hand price.This will make decision-finding process easier for projected purchases. For us it is important not to deliver the extrusion machine before the machine has been submitted to an all-inclusive professional inspection, to a thorough servicing, and not before any repairs that were required have been completed.


Our Service Comprises, Among Other Points:·

Overhaul, respectively replacement of screw and cylinder·      

Replacement of melt pressure and temperature sensors·        

Replacement of the sealing packages and gas removal pumps·        

Replacement of heaters·        

Overhaul of the motor·        

Checking of the gears·        

Gear oil change·        

Oil filter change·        

 Replacement of the V-belts


 Our Special Next Service Comprises:·        

Finishing customized to client’s colours·        

Trial run·        

Recording of the output capacity. 


Universal experience for individual solutions:

Over the past 20 years Next Machines sold well over 4000 second-hand extrusion machines and have become an established market leader in this market segment.  

Every single installed system differs a little from the next - and all the experience and know-how gathered over the past two decades will flow into an individual solution for your special requirements. And, because the special details often become so very important, it shall be our pleasure to invest some more time in consultation and advice. 

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