Recycling Lines

PET bottles recycling lines
The quality of the PET flakes manufactured by the AMUT recycling technology is almost comparable to the virgin PET:

  • The glue residuals are almost absent
  • PVC and floating material are reduced to the minimum
  • The organic residuals are traced between 0 and 70 ppm
  • Residual of soda is insignificant, as confirmed by the measurement of pH rise


The above performances enable AMUT to obtain a material free of black specks, with Colour b and delta Colour b that make it suitable not only for fibers, but also for more complex applications, such as:

  • Bottle-to-Bottle
  • Bottle-to-Packaging
  • Strapping where the final product requires a subsequent degradation treatment


Standard plant sizes (output): 500, 1250, 2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 kg/h
The plants are supplied on a turnkey basis or according to the customerBottle-To-Bottle requirements. Thanks to the modular construction, the plant can be installed both into existing buildings and new projects. Therefore it is also possible to integrate the modular units for bottles pre-washing and flakes washing into the existing plants.