Pipe Extrusion

Materials: PVC, PE, PP, PEX, PA

Range of diameters: up to 1.600 mm



- Pressure piping                                                            

- Water distribution systems

- Irrigation plants

- Non pressure piping

- Sewer systems

- Waters discharge systems for civil and industrial buildings

- Meteoric waters discharge

- Venting systems

- Industrial applications

- Cable conduits

- Flexible pipes

- Gardening hoses

- Medical pipes

- Fluids suction

- Protection sheathing for electric cables



- Under pressure pipes                                            

- Water transportation and distribution

- Gas distribution systems

- Irrigation plants

- Dripper irrigation systems

- Discharge pipes

- Protection lines for electric cables

- Pipes with low friction inner sheathing

- 2 and 3-outlet pipes

- Bi-oriented pipes for the production of shotgun shells 



- Underground discharge pipelines

- Discharge piping for building dumping, also sound absorbent

- Distribution plants for hot sanitary water

- Drainage plants- Industrial plants for corrosive products transportation

- Pipes for flues 



- Distribution plants for hot sanitary water

- Traditional and floor heating

- Heating plants for greenhouses

- Geothermic plants

- Distribution systems for district heating 



- Braking plants                                                                        

- Compressed air and vacuum plants

- Pipes for the inner sliding of metallic parts, cable guide

- Pipes for medium and low pressure oils and hydrocarbons

Single Screw Extruder

With its wide range including various models, AMUT is going beyond the limitSingle Screw Extruder of the mass production, offering extruders designed to suit any application and being customized according to production requirements, to get high performances at competitive prices. A modular construction system placing the following at customers' disposal:

  • A range of extruders including 44 models with 20-180 mm screw diameter and ratios from 24 to 40 D screw lengths for PVC, PE, ABS, PS, PET, PP.
  • Tailor made solutions; each extruder is specifically manufactured according to customer's requirements.
  • Competitive prices
  • Highly specialized extruders for each application
  • High performances for the production of pipes, profiles, sheets, granules and other products
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long life