Helical Wound HDPE Pipe

PE Pressure & Non Pressure Structured Wall Pipes up to Ø4000mm
Krah AG, the German machine manufacturer, has developed a complete production line to produce pressure pipes in diameters ranging from DN/ID 300mm to DN/ID 4000mm made of a compound of polythelene reinforced with fibres to unite the well-known properties of thermoplastics with the significant characteristics of fibers.

The machine is designed similar to the well established KR Series production machines, applying the winding process to produce pressure pipes up to 10 bar working pressure. Moreover it can be upgraded to the characteristics of the conventional KR Machine, so that now one single machine, the so called KDR machine, is able to produce structured wall Non-Pressure Pipe Systems as well as solid wall PE-GFR Pressure Pipe Systems.

However, the equipment is not only designed to manufacture the pipes themselves, but it is able to produce an integrated electro fusion joint and the complete range of fittings for pressure as well as non-pressure applications.

High production output, enormous flexibility, short setup and change over times, simple operation, a perfect joint and more application facilities for the products are the main characteristics of all Krah machines.

Moreover, the customer decides which pipe diameters are needed to satisfy the market requirements and he purchases only the necessary production tools for these pipe diameters. This allows the customer the optimum choice of equipment with the possibility to upgrade the equipment later by purchasing production tools in other diameters. Such an upgrade does not require any modifications to the machine. Furthermore every pressure class can be produced without the necessity to invest in further dies or special tools.

Various formulations of high density polyethylene (PE 63, PE 80, PE 100) can be used to produce the requested end product, thus providing all positive characteristics compared to other stiff pipe materials like concrete, steel, etc.

The DR Series is designed to produce, in the most economical and ecofriendly way pipes, fittings and manholes in diameters ranging from DN/ID 300mm to DN/ID 4000mm and in lengths from 1m up to 6m and on special request even longer, 6m pipe length has become a standard length because of their easy to transport and handling.