Extrusion Sheet Lines

Extrusion lines for foils, sheets and multicellular panels
AMUT applies more than 50 years experience in plastic sheet extrusion to offer its Customers complete and technologically advanced lines to produce foils and sheets from a wide range of thermoplastic materials, to be used for a large number of different applications.
The AMUT production range includes extrusion lines with nominal width from 400 to 3300 mm and thickness from 150 microns for foils up to some centimeters for sheets or multicellular panels.
The number of co-extruders is defined depending on the specific needs of the customer and the characteristics of the finished product. Using the AMUT extrusion lines, sheet configuration up to 9 layers and output capacity over 4000 kgs per hour can be obtained.

Food Packaging
Sheet for thermoformed food packaging, with and without barrier layer. Layers can be co-extruded or laminated for airtight seal. They can be treated for printing or metalizing. Specialty execution for form fill-seal automatic lines.
Materials: PET, PS, PE, PP, EVA, EVOH.

Multipurpose and Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging
Sheet for thermoformed packaging for consumer goods display, for medicine tablets or capsules blister, treated for the hermetic seal welding or bonding.
Materials: PET, PVC.

Paper & Cardboard Industry
Sheet and foils for stationery items (binders, folders, catalogues, files) or gift, cosmetic and perfume boxes packaging. Single or multilayer foils, with surface embossing and treatment for printing, cut and stacked in reams for further process.
Materials: PET, PP, PVC.

Waterproofing membranes for building industry and civil infrastructure (protective covering, flat roofing, tunnels and subways, train track and roadway beds, bridges). Single or multilayer membranes, with inner reinforcement and fleece bonding for support, surface embossing and aesthetic finishing. Specialty execution for dimple or deep-drawing membranes to insulate the concrete foundations from soil.
Materials: F/PVC, TPO, HDPE.

Furniture Industry
Single or co-extruded sheets for panels covering of domestic furniture, mostly kitchens. Also for edge bands production, with wood grain surface embossing, primer coating, printing with UV drying system.
Materials: ABS, PMMA, PVC, PP.

Refrigerator Industry and Bathroom Furnishing
Single or co-extruded sheets to be thermoformed for refrigerator doors or bathroom furnishing such as shower pans, basins, bath tubs, corner shower fittings. Surface treatment for foam application, bright and glossy finishing. Automatic cutting and stacking.
Materials: PS (HiPS and GPPS), ABS, PMMA.

Medical Bags
Non-toxic foils for medical bags to be used for transfusion, dialysis or phleboclysis. Glazing or embossing surface finishing, to prevent foils from adhering during the sterilization cycle in autoclave.
Materials: PVC, PP.

Multicellular Panels
Polypropylene Cartonplast for stationery items.
Single or multi-chamber Polycarbonate panels for the building industry.
Materials: PP, PC.

Foils for the encapsulation of silicone modules used in solar panels production. Embossing finishing and in-line cross-linking treatment, partial or total.
Materials: EVA.

Foils and sheets for large application in this field.
Sound deadening sheet for engine compartment, sheets bi-laminated with nonwoven layers for interiors (passenger and trunk compartments), co-extruded sheets to be thermoformed for car door covering.
Materials: PP, TPO, PVC.

Speciality Execution
Many different special applications, among which:

  • Corrugated sheet, co-extruded from LDPE foam, for the industrial packaging of bulky products (coils, plates, stainless steel pipes, etc.)
  • Transparent sheet for hobby works and bricolage, extruded from PS crystal (GPPS)
  • Flexible sheet for gaskets or sealing units, extruded from fluoropolymers (PFA, PVDF, Teflon)
  • Foil for artificial leather, table cloths, industrial curtains and room partitioning, extruded from Flexible PVC