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Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines

Allied Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. brings together the world’s best Plastics technologies to address critical client business imperatives. It helps clients to eliminate boundaries, collaborate in new ways, establish their customer’s trust and continuously seek improvement.

We are committed to redefine the concept of customer delight by constantlyBlow-Moulding-Machine updating the contemporary needs of our customers. Our customer’s confidence in us has helped us to move ahead, and we take role of a partner for their progress. 

We take pride to introduce, IFC manufacturers of plastic blow moulding machines with capacities ranging from 10 ltrs 220 ltrs. IFC, with its state-of-art technology manufacturing facility, is situated in Southern India. 

Industrial and Fluid Power Consultants (IFC series) are focused to cater to the quality conscious customers, and are built with cost effectiveness. 

IFC series of machines are designed & built to bring state of the art technology to Indian customers at cost effective prices in order to produce high quality blow moulded containers like Bottles, Jerry Cans, Drums (Closed Head/Wide Mouth/Open Top) and Containers. Suitable for 10 ltrs to 220 ltrs container and can also produce 2/3 layers co-extruded containers. International standard Blow Pin units with three step mechanism for good thread formation. Total machine control and parison programmers optional. 

Our Principal is the manufactures of high tech blow moulding machines, hydraulic servo systems and power units. They manufacture blow moulding machines for container sizes from 2 liters to 1000 liters size. They also produce 2 layer and 3 layer blow moulding machines, to meet today’s stringent quality requirements.

Salient features of our Blow Moulding Machines for 500 & 1000 litres Drums

  • Extruder: The extruder has grooved feed section and special mixingPlastic Drum element to facilitate processing of HMWHDPE producing homogeneous melt at low temperature. It can process HMWHDPE having HLMI as low as 8.
  • Extruder Drive: Helical speed reducer with hardened and ground gears ensure high efficiency (0.96 typically) and help cut energy costs.
  • Accumulator head: Accumulator head features streamlined melt flow that eliminates problems due to weak weld lines on parison. It is of first-in first-out design to prevent thermal damage of melt.
  • Total machine control: Besides parison programming, machine sequence control and temperature control are effected by the PLC
  • Blow unit: Bottom blow unit is of simple design. Parison stretching movement is by pneumatic cylinder with positive mechanical stops

Advantages of blow moulding over rotational moulding

  • Blown molded 500 liter barrel has weight 9 – 11 Kg per container as against 14 – 14.2 Kg of rotational moulding (Saving of raw material to a tune of 40 % possible)
  • Production capacity of 28 nos of barrel using blow moulding machines is possible against 4 to 8 barrel using rotational moulding
  • Roto moulded barrel cracks if dropped from height but blow moulded barrel passes the drop test
  • Blow moulded container can have 2 layer structure integrated to impart special properties as needed
  • Blow moulding is highly energy efficient. Roto moulding is power intensive
  • Material handling is simple in blow molding process as against pulverizing of granules required in roto moulding
  • Space required for blow moulding machines is lesser compared to rotational moulding