3D Filament Extrusion Line

Harden is well established in design and building extrusion lines for polymer processing since 2006. The company has always been leading the industry in developing precision small extrusion lines and laboratory extrusion equipment. As FDM technologies is being becoming popular, Harden set up a subsidiary specialized in supplying 3D printing filament production lines. 

Product Application-3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line

3D printing filament production lines are available in three functionality options and a desk-top version is also available for small lab scale production and testing. 

 HARDEN is dedicated to provide the best small extrusion lines and service for you from China. Our extruders are famous for its melt quality, pressure stability, zero down time, easy operation, and short start-up time. With these features, customers get an advantage of high production rate, high product precision, and very low rate in material waste. 


Main Features of 3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line:

  • Using SIEMENS touch operation, real-time display of the running state, alarm information and system parameters
  •  PID temperature control, the accuracy up to ±1℃
  •  Pressure closed loop control is used to improve the stability of the extrusion pressure and the uniformity of the 3D printer filament
  • The traction unit using imported servo motor drive and is composed of the closed-loop control system with diameter measuring instrument, which can quickly respond to the change of the speed of the extruder, so as to achieve the requirement of the accuracy
  • The use of special winding tension transducer, to ensure the tension balance, rolling smooth and tidy, to avoid the phenomenon of knot
  • Remote monitoring can be achieved for you to build an intelligent automatic to provide convenient conditions

 Description  Unit  TSI-35  TSI45
 Screw Diameter   mm  Φ 35  Φ 45
 Length Diameter Ratio  L/D  28 28 
 Speed rpm   0-107  0-107 
 Pulling Speed  m/min  0-150  0-150
 Max. Output  Kg/h  20  30
 Diameter   mm  Φ 1.75/Φ 3.00  Φ 1.75/Φ 3.00
 Accuracy  mm  ±0.01  ±0.01
 Power of Motor  kW  7.5  15
 Total Power  kW  38  45
 Storage Capacity  m 100   100
 Dimensions  mm  9579*1513*2393  9579*1513*2393