High Speed Mixers

With more than 10 years experience in plastic machinery industry, Harden Technologies Ltd. is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of plastic extruding for compounding, recycling and pelletizing, and relevant auxiliary equipments. SAN-U is one of brands under the Harden umbrella. Working together with some world best suppliers, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, B&R, SCHNEIDER, RKC, ABB, etc., they provide the customers with high quality extrusion equipment with affordable price.

Equipped with several advanced processing and inspecting machinery imported from Japan and UK, they can supply reliable spare parts and components which guarantee their service and support.

HARDEN production program includes:
Plastic Auxiliary Machinery

  • Vertical High Speed Heat Mixer
  • Vertical Cooling Mixer
  • Vibrating Sieve
  • Centrifugal Dryer
  • Two Roller Mill

Plastic Auxiliary Machinery

Vertical High Speed Heat Mixer
Harden’s vertical high speed heating mixer can be applied to various materials to achieve good mixing effective. The materials include: antioxidant, polyethylene, rubber powder, chip, compound sealant, cheese, Vertical High Speed Heat Mixerepoxy resin, volatile polystyrene, flour, master-batch, melamine resin, metal powder coating.

Main Features of Vertical High Speed Heat Mixer

  • Boiler with interlayer is good for heat conduction
  • Stainless steel cover uses cooling and punching technique with the flange which can be connected with exterior accessories
  • Alloys steel nitride mixing blades decrease abrasion and optimize three-dimensional flip effect
  • Base of the output valve matches with the radian of the boiler
  • Equipped with PLC intelligent control system.natural fabric, peroxide, powder coating, medicine, talc, toner, cleanser, polyvinyl chloride, etc.

Vertical Cooling Mixer

Our vertical cooling mixer has good function in storage, drying, cooling and even Vertical Cooling Mixerspreading. Double layer cooling cover is available upon customers’ requirements.

Main Features of Vertical Cooling Mixer

  • Direct driven decreases the rate of maintenance
  • Boiler with interlayer is good for heat conduction
  • Stainless steel cover is convenient to open and close
  • Polished interior wall of boiler is easy to clean
  • Unique cooling function of the cooling cover can enhance the processing capacity

Vibrating Sieve

Our vibrating sieve can be used to separate materials into various sizes for further processing.

Main Features of Vibrating Sieve

  • High efficiency
  • Compact and durable design
  • Easy to change screen, operate and to clean
  • Automatically discharge impurities
  • No mechanical operation, easy to maintain
  • Can be used as single or multi-layer
  • Stainless steel for whole unit

Centrifugal Dryer

This vertical centrifugal dryer is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for washing and dewatering Centrifugal Dryerof plastic films, scraps and granular material.

Main Features of Centrifugal Dryer

  • High degree of dehydration
  • Saving energy
  • High efficiency
  • High degree of automation
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Low noise
  • Safe

Two Roller Mill

This two roll miller is an ideal option for mixing, sample sheet making for color check.

Main Features of Two Roller Mill

  • Robust design
  • Two independent PID constant temperature control for the two roll
  • Roll surface is quenched and chromate, supported by graphite self-lubricated bearing
  • Anti-corrosion painting