High Pressure Compressor Accessories

Filling device
4 point panel - 2 x 200 bar, 2 x 300 bar with hose and DIN anti-whip connections

The wide range of L&W filling panels has established itself as an industry benchmark for optimum design with an extensive list of features. The modular design guarantees that filling stations can be extended to adapt to your future requirements. The panels are available with either 200, 232 or 300 bar filling pressure (3000/4500 psi) or as dual pressure filling panels for simultaneous filling without the need to select the pressure. The self venting lever operated filling valves are available with either filling hoses and connections or direct filling connections for BA cylinders. We have a wide range of filling connections available.

A unique feature of the L&W panels is the facility to swing open the housing for maintenance work, without any disconnections, a leak check can be carried out while the panel is open.


Storage tanks are frequently used to provide extra filling capacity during peak periods. The storage cylinders can either be opened „all at once" in a single stage, or „cascaded" into the cylinders to be filled, usually in 3 stages. Ideally the storage pressure should be higher than the filling pressure, 300 bar storage systems are the most common. The storage systems can be used with most compressors and are best suited for automatic operation (e.g. ECC or auto start option). L&W has a full range of storage modules each of which can be combined with other modules for individual configuration.

Filling Connections

Filling connections for SCBA and diving cylinders in accordance with national/international standards.

Safety Valves

Safety valves are available for various pressures, either securing the final pressure on HP compressors and installations or preventing damage to inter stage or low/medium pressure components.

Pressure switches and sensors

A wide range of analogue pressure switches and electronic pressure sensors is available suitable for pressures between 0 and 600 bar.

Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are available for various applications and various gases. The tables below give an overview of the filter cartridges available.


The low carbon build up and the excellent lubrication properties were paramount in the development of our compressor oil.

Inlet filters

Various inlet filters are available for the different sizes of compressors, the inlet filter cartridge is a low cost component that plays a significant role in protecting the compressors, a clean cartridge also ensures the efficient operation of the compressor.

Filling Valves