Breathing Air Compressors

Lightweight high-pressure compressor for the full air supply on site. Ready for connection with cable and plug. Ideal for mobile use. The LW 100 ECO is made 100% of the prover elements of the successful LW 100 Series. The main components such as: motor, compressor block, filter system and filling device are fully integrated.


These compressors are designed for dive centers and boats with limited space. Based on our successful 280 and 450 blocks can be operated these compressors in the basic configuration as pre-wired system or equipped to meet your individual needs with various options.


A slow running compressor for medium sized applications. Pneumatic/electric compressor control with final pressure cut off and automatic condensation drain ensure simple and trouble free operation. The 3 stage, 3 cylinder block ensures low maintenance with mimimal wear and tear.

The components are industrial quality, over dimensioned for ultimate reliablity. The compressor is fitted as standard with 4 filling hoses and filling valves to make a complete, compact unit.


Excellent compressors with benchmark sound insulation and cooling. The unit has been specially developed for modern day demands. A medium capacity compressor ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The sound insulated housing provides excellent noise supression so the unit can stand in working or sales rooms or in buildings where noise is not tolerated.

The control panel provides a convenient location for up to 6 filling hoses and an overview of the essential compressor controls. The compressor can stand in a corner for space economy, at least two sides must be free.