Graewe GmbH

Catalogue 1

Vacuum Tanks

Scope of Application

Vacuum calibration tanks are used for calibrating and cooling pipes made of thermoplastic materials by means of spray cooling. The spray cooling method prevents the formation of water boundary layers and is more efficient in cooling than the full water tanks. There are no buoyancy problems that could distort the pipe. Spraycooling increases the heat exchange rate significantly, compared to full-water-bath cooling. Optionally, all tanks can be supplied as full water baths.

Several types of calibration dies are available as calibration tools. Support rollers, calibration discs and calibration semi discs are used to support the pipe.



  • One or two chamber systems
  • Corrosionprotected steel or stainless steel
  • Height adjustment, side adjustment
  • Many accessories available
  • Special lengths available
  • Central adjustment of support rollers
  • Many types of calibration sleeves
  • Size adjustable calibration sleeves
  • Covers made of aluminium or glass



  • Water temperature controlled by thermostatic valve, thus water consumption is kept low.
  • Regulation of constant water level
  • Separate vacuum and cooling circuits
  • Highly efficient cooling system due to big pumps and tubes
  • Full cone nozzles
  • Water flow control with floater
  • Simple filter change during production by means of Bypass System
  • Good accessibility by simple swivelling movement
  • Longitudinal adjustment on tracks for better stability
  • Noiseless and low vibration by means of shock absorbers