Harden Industries Ltd.

Catalogue 1

Screws Barrels

Harden Industries Ltd. provides feed screws and barrel for Extrusion, Injection Moulding & Blow Moulding Machine of any make. Founded in 1990, Harden Industries Ltd. is the premier designer, manufacturer and rebuild of feed screws and barrels in china for the plastics, medical, rubber and food industries. Harden has supplied feed screws and barrels to some of the major plastic processing machine manufacturers in China and around the world. Harden Industries strive to exceed client expectations with their products and services.

Product Characteristics:

  • Choice of Proper Metallurgy
  • Cost Effective Product: Comprehensive pre- planning ensures all works is done in the most cost-effective manner to produce totally cost effective product
  • Trouble free Performance: Detailed post manufacturing inspection assures products ready for trouble free performance
  • Broad Range of Application: Harden has the expertise to design feed screws and barrels with various material of construction to match the expectations of broad range of applications

Harden provides high surface area and low shear screw design which optimizes the homogeneity of the melt, maximizes the productivity of the extruder, and provides long lasting life for both the screws and barrels.

Products Range Includes:

  • Single Extruder Screws and Barrels: Ø 15 mm- 300 mm, L/D Ratio: 15-46
  • Conical Twin Screws and Barrels: Screw Diameter (Smaller End) 35-92 mm
  • Parallel Twin Screw and Barrel: Ø 50 mm- 180 mm, L/D Ratio: 16-35
  • Bimetallic Screw and barrels: ID Ø18 mm- Ø300 mm, Max. Length: 5000 mm
  • Screws and Barrels for Injection Moulding Machine: Clamping force 25kN- 32,000 kN, Injection Weight 30g-25,000g