ZERMA was founded in Germany in 1941 and has a long history in the supply of equipment for size reduction of plastic.

In the wake of globalization, Zerma Machinery & Recycling Technology Co. Ltd. was established in Shanghai in 1999.

ZERMA offers a wide range of size reduction equipment from small slow speed granulators, medium sized sound insulated granulators to large granulators and shredders for heavy duty, highSize Reduction System throughput applications.

The Zerma range also includes Pulverizers to convert palletized material into free flowing powder for various applications.

Zerma also offers Tyre Recycling & E-Waste Systems.

Approximately 5,000 machine are produced each year in three vast manufacturing buildings.

Today there are ZERMA machines in more than 70 countries worldwide.


Zerma has a wide range of granulators ranging from, Slow-speed, Sound proof, High performance and Heavy Duty Granulators Whatever your application is, Zerma has a solutions for the same.

GSL - Slow Speed Granulators
The slow speed granulators in the GSL range are mainly used in injection and blow molding processes as beside the press machines to grind runners and sprues. The machines can be used for rejected products in the inline recycling process as well. Different hopper and base frame designs make it possible to integrate the machine with most types of injection molding machines and robots.

Advantages of the GSL Slow Speed granulators

  • Direct driven staggered rotor
  • Special knife design makes adjustment unnecessary
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Slow rotor speed creates less noise and dust
  • Easily customizable to suit different applications

GSE – Economical Granulators

The GSE series of machines are designed as economical granulators for use in in house recycling. The cutting geometry of the GSE series makes it ideal for the grinding of small thin walled hollow parts. The complete GSE granulator line achieves a high quality regrind independent of the material type or form such as injection moulded parts,GSE-300-600blow moulded parts, profiles, sheets, film, etc.

Advantages of the GSE Economical Granulators

  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine
  • Mobile Compact design
  • Different rotor types available
  • Easy accessibility
  • Strong tangential infeed

GSC - Compact Granulators

The GSC series of compact soundproofed machines are mainly used in inline ope- rations or as central granulators for processing of hollow thin walled products, or runners and sprues. The integrated sound proofing makes it possible to easily place the machine in existing operations. With different rotor designs and a wide variety of options GSCthe machines can be tailored for many different applications.

Advantages of the GSC Compact Granulators

  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine
  • Compact design
  • Different rotor types available
  • Soundproofed housing
  • Strong tangential infeed

GSH - Heavy Duty Granulators

The wide range of rotors and hopper styles allow the GSH machines to be tailored to almost every application in the plastic recycling field.The GSH heavy duty granulators are mainly used as central granulators for in house recycling applications to process thick walled parts in one step or as a second step granulator after a shredder GSHto reach higher throughput rates.

Advantages of the GSH Heavy Duty Granulators

  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine
  • Specially developed deflector wedge
  • Wide choice of rotors
  • Well thought out housing design
  • Strong Welded Steel construction- Oversized outboard bearings

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GSP - Pipe / Profile Granulators

Conventional granulators have substantial problems handling long pipes and profi- les. Therefore ZERMA developed the GSP range. Thanks to the almost level feeding hopper, long pieces can be fed easily. While the machine is operating there is no risk of blocking, in case of congestion no more material will be accepted by the machine. Once the grinding chamber is empty the machine will accept material again.

Advantages of the GSP Granulators

  • Knives are adjusted outside of the machine
  • Specially developed deflector wedge
  • Wide choice of rotors
  • Well thought out housing design
  • Strong Welded Steel construction
  • Oversized outboard bearings