Catalogue 1

Butt Fusion Welding Machine

We have been involved in the polyethylene pipe industry since 1963 and provides products, services and advice of specific value to manufacturers, fabricators, Engineers, installers and end users of polyethylene pipe systems, from entry level to mature operations, looking for new supply options and market expansion possibilities.

Our Butt Fusion Machines have been researched, developed and are fully CE approved and manufactured under ISO 9000, certified by SGS (www.sgs.com). Production and component quality is of the highest level, with warranty support provided by us without delay. The products of our company include Manual Butt Fusion, Hydraulic Butt Fusion and Multi-Angle Butt Fusion with Data Logging.

Our services include training and certification in Butt Fusion by accredited trainers, and consulting by highly experienced professionals.

Our Butt Fusion Machines comply with the requirements of welding standards, and are in constant use by pipe manufacturers, fabricators and contractors worldwide.

Field Welding Machines

63-160mm Capacity (O.D.); manual/hydraulic
63-200mm Capacity (O.D.); manual/hydraulicField 2
90-250mm Capacity (O.D.); manual/hydraulic
110-315mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
200-450mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
315-630mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
560-800mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
800-1000mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic
1000-1200mm Capacity (O.D.); hydraulic

Multi-Angle/Workshop Machines

90-315mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
200-450mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
315-630mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
450-800mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
630-1000mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
710-1200mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow
1000-1600mm Capacity (O.D.); tee, cross, elbow

Pipe Saws

≤315mm (weight 1,000 kg); 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (2.25 kW)
≤630mm (weight 1,900 kg); 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (3.7 kW)
≤800mm (weight 2,300 kg); 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (3.7 kW)
≤1200mm (weight 6,000 kg); 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (6.25 kW)
≤1600mm (weight 7,000 kg); 380 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (9 kW)
67 degree maximum cutting angle allows production of segments for bends, tees and Y-branch tees
Angular cutting error equal to or less than 1 degree
Speed of saw blade 250 m/min

Saddle Fusion Machines


  • Suitable for fabricating PE reducing tee in a workshop. Integrated function of welding and taping enables to complete the whole fabricating process
  • Removable PTFE coated heating plate
  • Separate two-channel timer records times in soaking and cooling phases
  • Digital high-accurate pressure meter indicates clearer readings
  • Linear guide ways are equipped with heating plate and dragging plate



  • Working Ranges: Reducing tee
  • Main Pipe Max. Diameter: 630mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm
  • Branch Pipe Max. Diameter: 315mm/400mm/500mm/560mm
  • Heating Plant Max. Temp: 270℃
  • System Pressure Ranges: 0-16Mpa
  • Working Voltage: 380V, 50HZ
  • Heating Plate power: 8~12KW
  • Hydraulic Unit Power: 1.5KW
  • Drill Motor Power: 1.5~3KW
  • Total Power: 11~16.5KW
  • Weight: 1900KG


Electrofusion Machine

  • High-level MCU is used as control core, with abundant parameter setting, measuring and perfect protective function
  • High brightness liquid crystal display , Chinese and English language operation, man-machine interactive interface
  • Wide power supply and voltage input, suitable for on-the-spot electric network level
  • High precision control to electric energy and time, insuring welding quality
  • Swift output response time when power supply breaks, high stability
  • With 10 phases programmable welding function, suitable for welding requirement of various fittings
  • Flexible welding parameter input mode; manual input through keyboard of bar code scanning input