Graewe GmbH

Catalogue 1

Belt and Caterpillar Haul-offs

Belt Haul-offs

Belt haul-offs are used for continuous extraction of pipes and profiles. They are known for especially consistent performance even at high production speeds. The belts are driven by brushless AC servo drives. Both belt carriers can be mechanically or pneumatically adjusted in height. The belts can also be supplied with a cellular vulcanised or rubber layer.


Caterpillar Haul-offs

Depending on the pad type, dual caterpillar haul-offs can be used for pipes or profiles. Multiple caterpillar haul-offs are used for pipe haul-off. The lower caterpillar carriers are adjusted manually, the upper caterpillar carriers are suspended and are pneumatically adjusted.



  • High-standard precision haul-offs driven via maintenance-free AC servo drive
  • Pressure adjustment for delicate hoses and profiles
  • Periodic wall thickening unit for pipes made of PVC
  • Remote control
  • V-shaped Haul-Off belts
  • Poly-V-belts
  • Electronic length measuring meter
  • Synchronisation with extrusion process
  • Haul-off/saw combination
  • Start-up winch



  • Sturdy base frame
  • Easy operation
  • Easily changeable belts
  • Good accessibility
  • Safety switches
  • Digital speed indication
  • Maintenance free drives
  • Direct drives for every caterpillar track
  • Long contact surface
  • Pulling force is evenly distributed to product
  • Caterpillar can hold speeds within +/- 0,01%
  • Quick change system for pads available
  • Built according to latest European safety standards