27th Jun, 2017

Damla Plast appoints Allied Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. as their exclusive representative to launch their Drip Irrigation Lines in India.

With an experience of 35 years, Damla Plast have become one of the distinguished companies in the sector by constantly improving since the year 2002. They owe the said success to the performance tests, conducted before installation, rapid service network, their insistence on quality, their innovative works, their devotion to their work, and their esteemed customers.

Damla Plast is well known for Drip Irrigation Systems which includes, Drip Irrigation Pipes, Injection Molds, Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes, Round Drip Irrigation Pipes, Round - Flat Drippers, Pipe Production Lines, Symmetric and Nano Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Lines, Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Lines, Pe Pipe Production Lines and many more.With our proficiency and technology we have settled more than 150 turnkey pipe extrusion lines in Turkey, Balkans, South America, North Africa, CIS and Middle-East.

Our product range includes:

  • Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Lines with real top speed of 125 mt./min. speed and 3-layer production.
  • Symmetric and Nano Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Extrusion Line with real top speed of 250 mt./min.
Allied Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. will be the exclusive representatives for Damla Plast in India and neighbouring countries. Allied Solutions India is functioning as the Marketing and Service company for its partners, since 1995. With the tie-up with Damla Plast, Allied Solutions has partnered for the development of Drip Irrigation systems in India and growing the sector both in technological and economical sectors.

To get more details on the Tie-up and Drip Irrigation Lines, feel free to contact us at