Our Partners

  • Amut S.P.A
  • Bauer Compressors Inc
  • CANEI Corp
  • Graewe GmbH
  • Gunther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH
  • Harden Industries Ltd.
  • Harden Machinery Ltd.
  • Industrial And Fluid Power Consultants
  • Koremplast srl
  • Krah AG
  • L&W Compressors + Systems Pte Ltd
  • Multitech Machinery Ltd.
  • Next GmbH
  • Riyang
  • Zerma Machinery Recycling Technology Co. Ltd



The Company

We are Technical Service Company catering to the needs of the Plastic Processing Industry in India and neighboring countries.

The Goal

We have a Business Ecosystem which brings with it high levels of Confidence. We have a presence across India, thus assuring our clients of our prompt and premium Service, wherever their business may be located.

The Team

We have in place a Close-Knit Team of Highly Motivated and Skilled Technical Professionals, having good product knowledge.

The Projects

Gas Assist Injection Technology • Solar • Hot Runner Systems • Injection Moulding Machines • Blow Moulding Machines • Pipe Extrusion Lines • Blown Film Lines • Sheet Extrusion Lines • Recycling Lines • Screws & Barrels • Grinders / Shredders / Pulverizers • Breathing Air Compressors • Industrial Compressors


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